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fic Masterlist

The Complete Works of Yours Truly

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A Phone Call from Purgatory

Title: A Phone Call from Purgatory
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Slash. Mild agnst
Word Count: ~2,700
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Characters: Dean, Cas, Chuck, Gabriel
Warnings: Mild violence. Language. Spoilers up to 7.23
Summary: In the aftermath of the Leviathan, a retired prophet gets a phone call from a dead angel.

A/N: Thank you to Scarletjedi who beta’d this twice because it kept mutating.

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The Confinement of the Monster Loki

Title: The Confinement of the Monster Loki
Words: ~1800
Genre: Charactery Study
Characters: Loki. Thor. Odin.
Summary: ...and the liberation of the God of Lies. 

A/N: Scarletjedi beta'd. 

Also I swear I will eventually catch the LJ up to my AO3 account. Coincidentally if anyone knows of any decent Avengers 2012 fic communities pop me a link. After all this time I still haven't really mastered how to use LJ as anything other than an archive. 

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Other People (1/2)

Title: Other People (1/2)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Slash. H/C.
Word Count: ~9400
Warnings: Vague depictions of violence. PORN
Summary: Return fic. It’s a long road from the afterlife back to John Watson.

A/N: I owe scarletjedi my first born for betaing this.  ETA: I have removed the false warning about the Supernatural episode spoilers...I have clearly been having a busy weekend. :P

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Death is a Bitch (and so am I)

Title: Death is a Bitch (and so am I)
Genre: Revision. Feminist. Gen.  Femme Dean. Femme Cas
Word Count: ~3000
Warnings: Graphic violence. Mentions of rape. Cuss’n.
Rating: R (for reasons above to be safe)
Summary: The story is always different if you’re a woman.

A/N: Beta’d by the wonderful scarletjedi. Who also came up with the title, genius that she is.

Dean Winchester was not suprised to die bloody.Collapse )

Three (A morning's blah-de-blah)

Title: Three (A Morning's Blah-de-blah)
Genre: Gen. Meta.
Words: 291
Characters: Dean. Cas. Sam. Chuck. 
Summary: How shall the future remember them? 

A/N: Unbeta'd. Just...a blah. :P

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Title: Respite
Words: ~700
Genre: Slash. Fluff. Hurt/Comfort
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Rating: G
Summary: Castiel has brought them here because he knows that Dean is tired

A/N: Lazy fluff on a lazy Sunday. Scarletjedi? is THE beta. Yes she is.

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God was a Fan of Douglas Adams

Title: God was a Fan of Douglas Adams
Words: 407

Genre: Meta. Preslash/slash. Ficlet. Crack?
Warnings: Cussin
Characters: God (Chuck), Dean, Cas.
Summary: God was a fan of Douglas Adams…and a shipper.

God sits on his ass and thinks about the Universe,Collapse )

To Err is Human

Title: To Err is Human
Genre: Episode tag. Pre-slash. Character study. Angst.
Word Count: ~1200
Rating: PG
Warnings: SPOILERS for 7.17 (Born Again Identity)
Summary: Castiel has an enlightening conversation with The Devil.

A/N: Unbeta’d to keep my beta from safe from the evil spoilers. All mistakes are mine.

I wrote this as therapy for my 7.17 feels…but I fear I did it wrong.

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